Travel memories

Brazil, Pará, 2013. April and May. September and October. Winter and summer in the Amazon. Trips to Belém Icoaraci, Salvaterra, Joanes, Cachoeira do Arari, Santarém, Monte Alegre and Óbidos. Trails through the woods, urban hiking, traveling by water. Archaeological sites. A wealth of artifacts. Ancient Objects. Museum displays, collection storage, personal collections. Reports, experiences, memories. To produce the documentary, the team traveled twice to Pará, returning to the same places. During two different seasons, the transformation of the landscape. Pictures of recorded moments, fragments of the gradual development of an audiovisual narrative and imagery, from so many places, real and imaginative narratives. The outside view of those who found a small part of the Amazon universe, seeks to understand the reality of the present time, that houses so many pieces of evidence of past cultures. Time is a flow of images in the memory.

Text: Silvio Luiz Cordeiro. Images: Carla Gibertoni Carneiro, Cristina Demartini, Silvio Luiz Cordeiro, Wagner Souza e Silva.