At Idaliana home

Our arrival in Obidos, this small town in the state of Pará, was special. Its old architectural style refers to the Portuguese colonization and is better preserved than in other cities of Pará. And we met Mrs. Idaliana, a lady who, for years, has been searching to know about the history of their region and the appreciation of the different cultures that coexist there. She has a special interest in the quilombolas groups and the dissemination of their knowledge. She welcomed us into her home, in a tireless and generous way, and tried to present us all the knowledge that she has been building up about the region’s history. Her leadership is remarkable, aside from the fact that her name is unanimous when it comes to local history. Her house is a meeting place for pleasant conversation and story-telling.

Text: Carla Gibertoni Carneiro. Image: Cristina Demartini.